Core RC 522 Pro Tyre Glue Review

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Racing GT12 on foam tyres, it may not seem there’s an obvious need to use superglue – reserved for the buggy racers keeping their rubber firmly attached to the rim.

However – there are a couple of GT12 foam tyre uses for Tyre Glue / Super Glue…

Firstly as a setup aid

Foam tyres have no “sidewall” to speak of, so there’s no rigidity – the tyre’s grip extends from the main surface of the tyre around the sidewall through 90 degrees.

This increases issues with grip-roll (traction roll) but also can generally be a setup issue, generating too much grip.

Applying glue to the sidewall of the foam tyre allows the tyre to slide over the carpet’s surface instead of ‘digging in’ and gripping onto the sidewall of the tyre.

The second application is less of a racing tip – and more of a “fixer” tip

We all occasionally get chunks, or loose edges appear in the connection between the sidewall and the plastic wheel – leaving you will “flappy” bits of foam on the tyre.

You can choose to “pull off the detached foam” or you can “glue it back in” with a small amount of super glue.

This is (sadly) my main application for the glue!

Core RC 522 Pro Tyre Glue on foam GT12 tyres

Core RC 522 Pro Tyre Glue

Core RC 522 does the job.

It comes with “nozzles” but the nozzles, as with all glues of this type tend to be “single use”

I get a bit more use out of the nozzles by tapping and cleaning them. But it’s a pain – and the nozzles aren’t cheap.

If you’re gluing “sets of tyres” at a time (as with buggies) I can imagine throwing away a nozzle after each use is no big deal.

When you’re literally applying a “tiny dot” of glue at a time for a quick foam tyre repair, this isn’t so acceptable for cost or sustainability.

I’ve used this glue on buggy tyres – and it’s good stuff, so I’d recommend it for those applications.

For GT12 I’m going to be moving to a glue with a “brush application” – no more “nozzles” – maybe a little less precise, but no more throwing away blocked super glue nozzles!

You can pick up some Core RC 522 from most online model shops – or direct from Schumacher themselves – here’s a link to the Schumacher website Core RC 522 Pro Tyre Glue page.

If you’re an Amazon buyer, you can pick up something near equivalent, but for more than 3 x the price – showing how the Core RC 522 is pretty good value for money.