What’s the Correct Percentage of Nitro Fuel for RC Cars?

You can never go hassle free when it comes to RC nitro cars. The presence of fuel in its engine makes regular maintenance a requirement if you should wish to have a longer life of your rc car. Throughout my experience as an rc car fanatic, I have encountered some very common questions about maintenance, and one of which is the fuel percentage.

If you’re unsure about what percentage of fuel mixture you should add on your rc car, well all I can say is you’re lucky if you’re reading this blog. We’re going to talk about fuel mixtures.

HPI Powerfuel 16% 2.5 Litre Nitro Fuel

Percentage Nitro Fuel and Your Remote Control Car’s Safety

The kind of fuel to use is a concern by many remote control car owners. To answer the question whether or not using different percentage fuel to rc cars is damaging, all I can say is, make sure you are giving your car the right formula as what has been required by the manufacturers.

Just remember that a nitro fuel can consist of methanol, nitro-methane, and regular oil with special additives. A regular remote control vehicle requires about 20% of nitro-methane, but then again it still varies from 10% to 40% or even higher than that. Oil is added to act as a lubricant for all the moving parts inside your rc car.

A typical nitro fuel contains castrol and synthetic oils, just enough to keep the temperature balanced while the car is running. You don’t want to overheat your vehicle. Percentage of oil may be about 8% to 25%.

Recommended Fuel Percentages

As what I’ve observed, brand manufacturers specify varying fuel percentages. Therefore, it is utterly important to check first the recommended fuel percentage your nitro rc car requires. In case the list doesn’t include this, you can inquire your trusted rc shop and ask away!

Or you could use this advice.

Keep in mind that nitro percentage will vary with the size of your nitro rc. Follow these guidelines when planning for a correct nitro percentage.

Engine Size Nitro Fuel Percentage
.12-.18 10% to 20%
.21-.26 20% to 40%

So is it really advisable to switch fuel percentages? It’s safe to say “maybe” but to be a lot safer, just stick to the recommended percentage. You can vary our fuel percentage as long as the changes are not that much of a difference. Going higher than 5% change will potentially damage your engine as it is not tuned to that kind of nitro percentage. As a result, you may end up having a poor performing rc vehicle.

End Thoughts

Changing your rc nitro fuel is a matter of trial and error and risks. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t know much about rc engines, it is best to play safe than sorry. Furthermore, change in nitro percentage will require re-tuning of your remote control cars.

I hope I answered your rc related dilemma. Don’t be shy to express your thoughts; hit the comment box now!