​What’s the Best “Hobby-Grade” RC Car for a Beginner?

I’ve been asked many times before about my best recommended
hobby-grade RC models for first timers in the hobby.

My answer is always the same:
hobby-grade RC cars aren’t a wise choice for beginners. The smart way to go is to choose an RC car that suits best to your level of skill, then go from there.

When I say an RC car that suits you best, I mean the electric RC cars because they are the most ideal choice. They are very easy to operate, require less maintenance and more affordable.

If you want a badass electric-powered radio controlled car that can run 30-60mph, then a brushless RC car or truck is a perfect option to go.

They can be in many ways considered a “hobby-grade car” because they’re now capable to deliver hobby-grade performance.

Why Hobby-Grade Nitro or Petrol RC Cars Is Not for You?

Generally speaking, when we talk about hobby-grade RC cars what we’re referring to are nitro or petrol-powered RC vehicles. They are in the higher-class category because these types of cars require a higher level of skills and understanding to run.

They are also not a good option for beginners because of their level of difficulty to operate, and can also be dangerous because of
their potential explosiveness especially if you don’t have much experience using nitro or petrol.

However, even if you’re a beginner and you want to get a bigger bang for your buck, brushless RC cars are a great alternative.

Before brushless RC cars were introduced in the market, nitro RC cars were much faster and powerful than electric. Right now the gap has narrowed down.

You can even find modified brushless RC vehicles that can go as fast as 125mph!

Speed, Power and Performance

When people ask me for advice about what is the best RC car to buy, what they really expect to get is the best entertainment value for their money.

They want an RC vehicle that delivers power, speed and good performance. We exactly have those kinds of cars in the shop and they are a perfect choice for anyone who has just started in the RC hobby. Before I give you my top recommended “hobby-grade” RC cars, let’s start with the entry-level options first.

Entry-Level RC Cars for Beginners

RC Toys are suitable for anyone of all ages interested in the hobby. It is designed with features suitable for users who are new to remote control vehicles.

They are ideal for kids from ages 5 and above. They are the easiest to operate with simple control system that is easy to understand.

RC toys are a lot cheaper and would be a perfect surprise gift for kids on their birthday or other special occasion.

What Are the Best “Hobby-Grade” RC Cars for Beginners?

Again you have to bear in mind that what we refer to here as “hobby-grade” radio controlled car is not in the real hobby-grade category such as nitro and petrol.

That said, I’ll give you below my top five best picks. I choose them based on their performance, speed and overall value. Included in the list also are RC cars, monster trucks and truggies available at Amazon now.

  1. Traxxas Slash 4×4
  2. Traxxas E-Revo
  3. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck
  4. Himoto 1:18 Desert Racer Buggy

Get started looking for your best hobby-grade RC car, truck or buggy today!

Thank you for reading! If you need more help or some ideas you want to add to this post, please let us know in the comment below.