Top 5 Tips to Drifting Remote Control Cars

Are you the last among your friends to learn how to drift or do you want to be the first? Either way, learning the tricks of drifting like a pro is definitely something every RC car owners should learn. It’s like getting an initiation before you can call yourself a true enthusiast.

I had quite an issue with it as well. I purchased my second package of a remote control car which was designed specifically for drifting. However, learning to make it work how it’s supposed to was challenging. Sure I could get a drift car anytime, but controlling it might take a little of your patience.

Moving It Sideways

Tip #1

Get everything that you need. 

rc drift cars

First you want to get yourself a drift-friendly car. When I say drift-friendly, I mean the battery powered RC cars. If you already have a fueled remote control car, you can still use it but you need to create extra holes for better machine ventilation. You DO NOT want to overheat it.

Tip #2

Choose better tires.

smooth tires for remote control cars

Fortunately, a Himoto drift car package comes with a reliable tire system that helps you to have a seamless drifting performance. In case you’re only upgrading a regular remote control car, purchasing smooth tires is your best option.

Tip #3

Choose floors with less friction

rc car practicetrack for rc car drifting 

Drifting is when you drive your car to slide sideways. Therefore, it should be common sense to locate a smooth, friction free ground. If you could not find one just like I do, you can create an indoor drifting race track. Remember that in drifting, the surface where you drift your cars on can make or break your car’s performance.

Tip #4

Build up speed before you attempt to make a drift

steering and throttlesteering and throttle

The amount of speed you give just before you drift is one factor to make a drift attempt successful. Build up speed and try to throttle it out sideways with your control.

Turn the car steering into lock and throttle it while you observe how your car behaves as it drifts. Remember that each model has a unique drifting behaviour, so it’s best to know yours.

You can do this practice as many times as you want until you’re comfortable with how your car drifts. You can also combine throttle and steering gradually until you get the right combination. It’s all about balance.

Tip #5

Practice makes perfect

rc car drift practice area

I can only count with my fingers the number of people who said that drifting is easy when they began doing it. Drifting basics are doable by a lot of beginners but making it look awesome is another story.

Drifting is not about who will finish the race first but it’s generally who’s got the attitude in drifting, those badass moves, and who can show off like no other! So if you’re a drifting amateur, make sure to practice as often as you could. Don’t think that you’re a loser if you failed once because you’re not alone. Trust me.