Why Himoto Racing?


Seeking for helpful information about Himoto Racing products? RC Models Wiz provides you the answers.

Himoto Racing offers a great mix of innovation, great design, speed, quality, and price.

When it comes to remote control cars, bikes, RC boats, spare parts and accessories, Himoto is one of the best brands out there, offering high quality RC model products for all driver skill levels and experience.

Since 2004, the radio control model manufacturer is the innovative creators behind the richly diverse RC vehicles in the market today, from entry-level recreational models to hobby-level and competition-level remote control cars, buggies, boats and monster trucks.

Each year, the Himoto Racing company, which is based in Hong Kong, is continuously developing and creating unique line of 1:5, 1:8, 1:10 and 1:16 scale RC vehicles to meet the market demand, as well as develop its latest spread spectrum of 2.4G LCD radios that would be perfect for international RC car racing competitions.

Why Buy Himoto RC Vehicles?

Does Himoto RC car or boat offers you the best value for your money? Abosolutely.

There are plenty of fantastic things to say about the Himoto RC products. The first thing you’ll notice immediately when owning your first Himoto is that the company is really serious about quality – from the body shell and other external features, to the chassis, shock absorbers, springs and screws.

The second valuable factor that makes you want to own one of their RC models is the beauty of their design – simply amazing!

It’s something you want to display in your living room or show off to your friends at the race track.

Other best highlights of Himoto Racing include:

  • Top notch on-road or off-road performance
  • High quality remote control models at very reasonable prices
  • Easily accessible spare parts, upgrade parts and accessories
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual for Users (also available online)
  • Perfect gifts for both kids and adults!

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If you’re seeking for excellent racing and bashing 4WD model vehicles, electric-powered on-road cars, nitro-powered off-road buggies, monster trucks, or RC racing boats, Himoto Racing makes sure to satisfy your specific RC hobby preferences and requirements.


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