How to Fly RC Helicopters

Follow these five easy steps to flying your remote control helicopter.

rc-helicopter-1.pngCongratulations! You just bought your RC helicopter. What you need to do now is charged the battery (if you have an electric one), or fill the tank with fuel (if you have a nitro or gas-powered model), and you’re ready to go.

We know that you’re excited to fly your RC helicopter, so we’ll cut to the chase and give you our quick five-step guide to flying your new remote control helicopter.

Step 1: Fly in the right surroundings

Know your surroundings first before you fly your RC heli. If you have an indoor RC heli model, don’t fly it outside, or if you have an outdoor RC heli model, don’t fly it indoor.

This may seem obvious but a lot of people ignore this very basic rule in RC flying, resulting to tears and more costly spending. Always fly in the right place. Or you could just buy a model that you can operate both outdoor and indoor.

Be sure also to clear the flying area of any obstacles such as ceiling fans, open windows, trees or cats.

Step 2: Read the user’s manual

No one likes to read the instruction manual, or any manuals for that matter. But smarter people do read the manual to make sure they don’t miss anything that may cost them money or break their helicopter, which could be avoided from checking the manual.

The best thing with most RC heli manuals from different brands out there is that they are shorter and straight to the point.

So better start flipping through the manual and equipped yourself with practical operating knowledge.

Step 3: Be a gentle pilot

Unlike other models like RC cars and monster trucks, RC helicopters are very delicate flying machines, intricately designed with a fragile and small body parts. They are made for flying not for any form of physical contact.

Be a gentle pilot and feel the helicopter flying and maneuvering gently at your command. Use gentle movements to control the heli and try to maintain a fixed height (preferably about an eye level) before you start dashing around the room, or do some tricky flying maneuvers.


Step 4: Enjoy the fun of flying

A lot of people are attracted to the RC helicopter hobby because it offers a different level of fun, thrill and excitement. Enjoy the great fun of flying your RC heli while you can.

If it crashes, which can’t be avoided, don’t take things personally. It’s very much a part of piloting any aircraft. There are a lot of factors that cause any flying object to crash to the ground.

Simply put, there are things you can’t control. Just do one important thing though if you think the heli is going to crash: throttle off.

Step 5: Do a lot of practice

Practice makes perfect. And once you mastered the craft of RC flying, things would become much easier and fun for you whatever type of RC helicopters you’re piloting.

Enjoy flying!

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