RC Gift Shopping Guide

Great RC Gift Shopping Tips & Ideas for All Special Occasions

himoto-nissan-gt-r-9102-nitro-speed-racing-car-1.pngRC cars, bikes, boats or helicopters are some of the amazing, timeless gifts you can offer to anyone.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other very special occasions, there’s nothing like a radio-controlled vehicle to bring excitement to your kids or bring out the child in your loved ones.

The best thing about RC models is that there’s never been a better time to get everyone started in the hobby.

Everyone loves RC cars, helicopters, bikes, boats, and even monster trucks and tanks that can run fast, or glide and crawl smoothly as you want them to using a remote control.

Truly amazing gifts!

RC vehicles are simply wonderful and great-looking gifts that add excitement, thrill, and fun for the whole family and friends. Setting them up and maintaining the vehicles could also offer a great opportunity for your kids to develop mechanical skills early in life.

For beginners

Electric ready-to-run (RTR) cars, trucks, and helis are great gift options to consider. Ready-to-sail (RTS) boats and battleships are fantastic inexpensive choices. They are also easy to set-up and operate. Just charge the batteries, follow simple instructions and you’re ready to go.

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For novices and savvy RC enthusiasts

Best recommended gifts for more experienced and knowledgeable RC hobbyists are our special collection of Nitro RC Models.

For nature lovers who love to play faster miniature vehicles, the Brushless RC models are just the right models for them. Brushless RC cars and boats are environment-friendly and they run smoothly and much quieter than standard brushed electric motors.

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Browse our excellent collections of RC models cherry-picked specifically to suit your budget. Find great gift options that start at £27.99. If money isn’t a problem, you can check out our high-end RC models that range from £454.00 up to £550.00.

Of course, mid-range budget RC products are available.

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Shop with ease and convenience

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We hope that our RC gift shopping guide has given you some useful ideas when looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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