Basic Guide to RC Boats

himoto-stealth-enforcer-rc-boat.png“If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is a good as anything… perhaps a bit better than most. “ ~ E. B. White

When the fantastic writer, E. B. White, said those words, he might also be thinking about RC boats.

If you’ve been an enthusiast in this amazing hobby, you know the feeling.

If it’s you’re a first timer in the hobby, we envy you. Those magical first experiences and pleasurable moments are simply priceless. And it doesn’t stop from there.

To give you some more practical knowledge about remote control boats, RC Models Wiz offers you our quick basic guide to RC boats.

Basically, there are three main types of RC boats such as:

  1. Sail RC Boats
  2. Racing RC Boats
  3. Scale RC Boats

These remote control boats operate pretty much the same as other RC models with a remote or radio controller that connects the on-board receiver. Depending on your skill level, you can buy either a toy-grade or a hobby-grade boat at our RC model shop.

Many RC boats like we have at the shop are ready-to-run (RTR) models. You can also purchase radio controlled boats that you can build on your own, or unassembled RC boat kits.

Sail RC Boats

If you like sailing boats, this is a great option to go. Many people choose this type model because it offers the lowest maintenance and very gratifying to operate when it comes to honing their boat-handling skills.

With sail remote control boats, your main source of power is the wind. You won’t be dealing with an engine.

If you have a knack in sailing, this offers you the most relaxing and fulfilling RC boating experience.

Racing RC Boats

This is the most common type of RC boat model and a top choice among beginners and experienced RC boat hobbyists. Like other RC vehicles, a remote control racing boat comes with electric-powered, nitro-powered or petrol-powered engines.

The most popular ones are the electric RC boats because they’re cleaner to maintain, quieter and faster. Powered by a motor or an engine, electric radio-controlled boats are easy to operate and deliver a whole new level of fun.


There are RC sport boats and RC racing speed boats. If you like a more user-friendly model, RC sport boats is great choice especially if you’re looking for a good model that you can operate in a small pond or a large swimming pool.

RC racing boats, on the other hand, require more skills as they typically come with a more complicated control system. But if you want speed and power this is definitely a solid buy for your money.

RC Scale Boats

If you love smaller version of your favourite battleship, destroyer, combat ship, or even an ocean liner, then this is the right RC boat for you.

Unlike RC racing boats and RC sail boats, RC scale boats are not designed for speed. They are more about realism, appearance and scale performance.

Hope this guide has offered some help and more understanding about RC boats. This can surely aid you when you make a decision which type of model you really want to buy.

When you’re ready to shop for remote control boats, visit our amazing display of RC boats here.

Enjoy shopping!