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Discover practical tips and guide on RC boats.

double-horse-rc-ep7000-racing-speed-boat-with-remote-control-battery-and-charger.pngBecome an expert in remote control boats and get better understanding about this amazing hobby.

Whether you’re young or a young at heart RC boat hobbyist, we create this list of articles and guide that will help you get the most of your remote control watercraft.

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Basic Guide to RC Boats

Read this amazingly written article that will introduce you to the RC boat hobby. Check out the common type of remote control boats that are in the market today. Read more…

Preparing Your RC Boat

Get the 6 step-by-step guide on prepping up you remote control boat before launching it to the water. Follow the easy steps before you run your RC boat. Read more…

RC Boating Safety Tips

Find 7 useful tips to ensure safety when running your remote control boat. This article is rich with practical advice that will make sure you get the most fun of the hobby. Read more…

RC Boating Systems

Learn the different kinds of remote control boat systems to understand how they work. This can also help you become a better hobbyist when it comes to RC boats. Read more…

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