Why Buy RC Brushless Models?

himoto-raider-megae8mtl-brushless-monster-truck.pngIf you want to buy faster, easier to maintain and more efficient remote controlled vehicle, brushless RC cars, buggies or monster trucks are an excellent choice to go.

They’re much better and fun to use than the traditional brushed motors. 

They’re also a great gift option for both kids and adults! 

Associated with Electronic Speed Control (ESC)Brushless motors used to be expensive high-end equipment only used by team drivers.

Right now they are an affordable alternative to normal brushed counterparts.  

3 Key Advantages of Buying RC Brushless Motors or Models 

  1. Brushless RC motors dont require much maintenance. You just need to clean the surface and oil the bearings and occasionally blow out the dust (as there are no brushes to replace). 

  1. This is literally a much cooler motor, which means more efficiency and extended run and fun times for you. Brushless motor is design in such a way that the generated heat in the winds dissipates quicker.  

    Since there are no brushes or mechanical comm in the overall construction of the model, the process of converting electrical power into mechanical energy is a lot more efficient, and provides extended battery life and longer run and fun times. 

  1. You can use Brushless RC motors with higher voltage LiPo batteries to provide you with superior speed comparable to that of a fast Nitro RC vehicle. 

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