User’s Basic Guide to Radio Control Systems

Learn basic information about RC systems.

himoto-subaru-wrx-10-1-10-4wd-on-road-racing-car.pngRadio control systems have continued to evolve over the years.

Its technological revolution is made possible to meet the demands and satisfaction of all RC hobbyists, regardless of their skill level and experience in the RC hobby.

RC systems serve as the brain behind all types of radio controlled models that travel on land, sea and air.

The radio system of your RC model is a very important feature that you can change or upgrade, depending on your racing endeavors and goals.

Today’s radio control systems work on precise frequencies that transmit and receive signals. Most of the whole radio systems include the following major components:

  • The transmitter
  • The receiver
  • 1 or 2 servos
  • On/off switch

Familiarize the 2 Types of Radio Systems

1. Atypical “Crystal” System

If you have this type of system and you want to change the frequencies, you will need to pull out the crystal manually and replace it with another one of your own choosing.

This will change the frequency transforming the system that can now transmits and receives signals.

There are two different signal band ranges such as 27 MHz and 75 MHz. The first one is the most common signal band range that commonly comes with Ready to Run (RTR) RC models.

The second one is a level up upgrade that offers you with more frequency options.

There are also two different airwaves such as AM and FM. AM airwave is a cost-effective one. FM offers a stronger signal.

2. 2.4 GHz System

This is the Spread-Spectrum type of radio system, which is the most advanced system available right now.

It is also the most preferred system among hobbyists as it offers more convenience, allowing them to just turn on the radio and they are ready to go. It eliminates the hassles of checking frequencies against other users within range.

The 2.4 GHz system allows you to operate even with more than 80 other racers within range at once. The system can change its own frequency very fast that you will not even notice it.

The best thing with the 2.4 GHz system is that it also comes with a built-in fail safe device, which is a great safety feature to have.


Important Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are using the atypical “crystal” type system, be sure to check the frequency board before turning on your transmitter, especially when you are at your local track.

For drivers using 2.4 GHz system, there will not be any need to check the frequency boards. You just turn it on and start the fun.

What’s the best RC system for me?

It all boils down on how serious and dedicated you are as an RC hobbyist. If you see yourself as one of the club of serious bashers and racers, then we best recommend to you to use the high-end radio system.

The good thing with the new RC models that are available in the market right now, in which you can also find at our RC product display pages, is that most of them come with technologically advanced 2.4 GHz system.

Are there other items or extras you want to recommend?

Indeed, there are. For serious racers like yourself, you should have the following extras ready for use:

  • Extra receivers for multiple RC vehicles
  • Extra crystals for crystal radio system
  • Extra batteries for the transmitter
  • Charger


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