Electric RC Model’s Guide

Find best tips and useful guide to electric RC models.

himoto-mastadon-e18mtl-1-18-brushless-monster-truck.pngElectric RC cars are ideal for beginners or those who have just started in the RC hobby.

To help you enjoy your new electric remote control car, buggy or monster truck, our team of specialists at RC Models Wiz put together a collection of article to guide about this type of RC model.

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Why Buy Electric RC Models?

Learn important things you want to know before buying an electric RC car, buggy, or monster truck. This article provides you with the pros and cons of electric-powered remote control models. Read more…

How to Charge Your RC Battery

Read this article to learn the proper ways to your first charging and recharging of your RC battery, and how to take good care of it to extend its life. Read more…

Guide to Electric RC Batteries

It’s always best to equip yourself with basic knowledge about RC batteries. This guide can help you familiarize the different remote control batteries and other key information. Read more…

About RC Battery Chargers

One important tool for an RC hobbyist is an RC battery charger. Familiarize yourself with all the RC battery chargers, as well as find tips on charging and discharging batteries. Read more…

Why Buy RC Brushless Models?

Brushless Electric RC models run faster and more powerful. It also offers other great advantages. This guide offers you some information if this model is for you or not. Read more…


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