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nitro-rc-car.pngOur dedicated team of specialists at RC Models Wiz works every day to put together a series of comprehensive guides that offer real solutions to problems you may encounter in the hobby.

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We’ve covered everything to help you get the most from the money and time you’ve invested in for your personal enjoyment and pleasure.

Our aim is to become your #1 Go-To RC Resources on the Web if you’re looking for solutions to issues and problems you may experience with your RC helicopter or car or other remote control vehicle.

Start your search today for information and solutions from our comprehensive guides below. We break them up into main RC model categories under which you’ll find specific articles you may be looking for.

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Electric RC Model’s Guide

This is our main page for all your electric RC model issues (electric RC cars, monster trucks, buggies, helicopters or boats). Learn easy steps on how to charge your battery for the first time, as well the different options you have when it comes to chargers and batteries, and more.

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Nitro RC Model’s Guide

We’re continually expanding this special guide for nitro users. It’s a huge one as nitro-powered remote control models (RC cars, monster trucks, helicopters, and boats) are more complicated machines designed for more experienced and skilled RC drivers and operators.

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RC Helicopter’s Guide

Remote control helicopters are a bit more complex and unpredictable machines to operate. Find out articles that show you the basics about RC helicopters and how to get more fun out of them.

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RC Boat’s Guide

Get more excitement and fun from running remote control boats. We love them, too. In this main guide page, you will discover articles about the basics and safety tips to operating an RC boat.

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RC Gift Shopping Guide

Seeking for some great ideas that can help you buy the right RC model? This guide is specially written for you. It contains essential tips you want to get exactly the perfect gift you want for you or a special someone. Read more…

Why Choose Himoto Racing?

Himoto Racing is one of the trusted brands in the RC market. If you look for good quality and affordable RC car, motocross bike or boat, Himoto has some of the best designs available. Read more…

Glossary of RC Models Terms

Bookmark our Glossary pages for all the important terms used in the RC hobby. We provide you with the definition of terms to help you better understand and become more effective as an RC driver or pilot. Check them out…


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