Radio Control 1:32 Lorry 0202a Trailer Truck

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Product Description

The 1/32 scale remote control Lorry 0202a Trailer Truck would make a fantastic gift for your kids. This model gives you great-looking replica of the full-size Lorry 0202a Trailer Truck.

The Radio Control 1:32 Lorry 0202a Trailer Truck is equipped with chassis that has 2 coloured lights. This amazing RC model offers your kids with hours of trucking fun and excitement.

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Key Features

  • Headlight with turning light function
  • Functions: starting, backward, speedup and braking
  • Moves forwards and backwards, turns left or right

What’s in the box?

  • 100% assembled Radio Control 1:32 Lorry 0202a Trailer Truck
  • Remote control

Recommended Users

  • 7-year-olds and above

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