Himoto 1:18 4 WD Desert Racer Buggy

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Product Description

Himoto Racing introduces the newest 1:18 scale Barren Desert Racer Buggy to the RC world. It features shaft driven four-wheel drive, oil-filled shocks, durable differentials, and cool-looking robust design.

The amazing Himoto Barren E18DB 1:18 Desert Racer Buggy will fit in your palm. Yet it comes with powerful off-road desert racing buggy features  such as a powerful brushed 370 motor, 120amp burst-rated speed control system, and 7.2v 800mah Ni-Mh battery pack, delivering a new level of thrill and excitement and fun on off-road tracks!

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Key Features

  • Molded protective gear cover
  • 4 oil-filled re-buildable shock absorbers with progressive springs
  • Molded tub chassis with optimized weight distribution
  • Special titanium anodized shock caps
  • Tough C-hub steering knuckles
  • Fully independent double A-arm wishbone suspension
  • Tough & efficient 4-Wheel Drive shaft driven drive train
  • 4 high-traction multi-block tires
  • Low friction ball raced bearing
  • Attractive 5-spoke wheels
  • Front and rear molded bumpers
  • Factory-finished pre-cut body
  • Twin point steering w/ integrated servo saver

Technical Data

  • Length: 258mm
  • Width: 182mm
  • Height: 100mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 61.5mm
  • Wheel Width: 26mm
  • Weight: 550g
  • Motor: 370 Brushed Motor


  • Scale: 1:18
  • Class: Off-Road racer buggy
  • Application: Entry-level/Beginners
  • Power: Electric
  • Drivetrain: 4WD system
  • Charging Time: 6 – 7 hours
  • Running Time: 10 – 12 minutes
  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • Battery: 7.2v 800mah Ni-Mh battery

What’s in the box?

  • 100% assembled Himoto Barren E18DB 1:18 Desert Racer Buggy
  • Radio control
  • Re-chargeable battery and UK charger
  • English User’s Manual

Download the manual here.

Spare Parts & Upgrades

View the spare parts of Himoto 1:18 4WD Desert Racer Buggy (Barren) here. Order Himoto Barren parts from Amazon.

Recommended Users

  • Beginner-level to intermediate RC users
  • We recommend adult supervision for operators under 14 years old

Required to Run

  • 4 AA batteries (transmitter)


There’s a product warranty for Himoto Barren E18DB 1:18 Desert Racer Buggy that covers for 1 year. It includes all manufacturing defective or missing parts of the buggy. Damages from incorrect use and wear and tear aren’t covered. Check the Amazon Warranty Returns section for more information.

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