How to Get the Girl This Valentine’s Day (Videos)

Love is in the air. Still seeking for creative ways to get
the attention of the girl of your dream this Valentine’s Day? If you are, then
we can help you!

Before you spend your entire paycheck on overpriced flowers
and expensive chocolates, how about trying something different, very creative
and original that no girls can resist?

Just watch these videos and have a magical time this Valentine’s Day!

1st video:
Get the girl with your RC Helicopter

This is nerd fantasy stuff to the nth level and it sure is very amazing to see in reality. This is how you get the girl in the office with the coolest style that only RC pilots can do.

2nd video:
Get the girl with your RC Car

Who can resist such awesome move like that? Girls can’t. That’s for sure. Being a complete RC nerd can definitely pay off big time.

With some creativity with your 
remote control car or RC helicopter, there
are plenty of amazing things you can do. Your options are limitless. And when it’s
Valentine’s Day, we can all forgive you to be a little bit crazy!

Have a memorable Valentine’s Day everyone!