​A Quick Checklist Before Running Your RC Car

To enjoy your time with the hobby and keep your RC car
perform better each time you run it, there are certain practices that are
important for you to follow.

Today, we give our quick checklist of to-do things that can
help you get the most out of your RC vehicle.

  1. Make sure to check that all the screws are securely
  2. See to it that all the moving parts of the vehicle move
    without binding.
  3. Install an oiled air filter and ensure it is clean and not
  4. Check if the fuel line
    is leak proof. Check for any cracks from previous run, and be sure it is not
  5. Make sure the muffler and exhaust don’t have any damage.
  6. Be sure to install fresh radio batteries and see to it that
    they are securely installed.
  7. Check if the servos and linkages move without binding.
  8. Always know your surroundings and see to it that it’s safe
    for running and bashing.
  9. If you’re using a radio ‘crystal’ system, be sure no one is
    on your frequency. If there is someone using the same frequency channel, wait
    for him/her to turn off their transmitter and vehicle.Or you can just change the frequency crystals in your
    transmitter and receiver. If you’re using a 2.4Ghz system, this isn’t a problem
    for you. You can also read a
    guide to radio control systems
  10. Unleash your RC vehicle and have fun!

There you have it. If you have any more questions or
something we can help you with, just let us know the comment section below.