9 Safety Tips to Operating Your Nitro RC Car

To have more fun and enjoy the RC hobby, there are important
things you need to keep in mind to ensure safety when operating your
nitro-powered radio control car

Many cases of personal injury and property damage were resulted from ignoring
safety precautions.

Don’t make that mistake. Here are our nine top tips to

1. Be sure to operate your car in an open area where no
people are walking or moving around. Do not run your RC on the following

  • public roads
  • in places where children are playing around
  • indoor and in confined areas
  • in residential districts or parks (unless you have
    the permission from the proper authorities)

2. Always check with
the user’s manual especially when it comes to the proper RC fuel to use for
your model.

3. Check the batteries in your radio transmitter, as well as
the battery pack in your receiver. If any of the batteries are weak, charge them
fully first.

If you are running on weak batteries, the signal
transmission and reception of the RC will decrease and you will eventually lose
control of the vehicle, which may lead to accidents or some damages on your

4. If your vehicle is behaving strangely, better stop immediately
and check the cause. As long as the issue is not resolve, do not operate the RC
car. Or you will be dealing with more problems.

5. Be always careful when it comes to RC fuel. Its vapors
and exhausts are toxic, so
handle the
fuel with care

6. Beware from putting your fingers or any object inside the
rotating or moving parts of the RC vehicle.

7. After running your RC model, avoid touching the engine
and muffler as they can cause severe burns.

8. Store the RC fuel in a cool, dry place and out of
children’s reach. Check if the cap is
tightly in place.

9. Apply proper after-run maintenance of your RC car to get
it ready for the next run.

Following these simple guidelines can help you avoid
accidents and let you just enjoy the hobby more.

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