5 Coolest RC Car YouTube Videos You Don’t Want to Miss

There are plenty of RC car videos on YouTube. But it’s very
rare to find one that really wows you and makes you want to share it with
others on Facebook, Twitter or, well, your 

Today we give you five of our favourite coolest RC car videos we find on YouTube. They’re very short videos of awesome. If you’re in the office right now, you can watch them on your lunch break. Enjoy!

Greatest RC Car Chase Video Ever

Reminds you the Fast and Furious? Great RC cars, amazing set up, awesome RC driving skills, fruits flying around! This is simply the greatest RC car short action film ever. Enough
said. Watch the video.

The 2008 IFMAR 1:10 RC Touring Car World Championship

This is one of the best and unforgettable IFMAR 1:10 RC Touring Car Racing World Championships. The race was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Experience the speed, the drama and intensity as it unfolds before your eyes.

RC Cowboy Car

This is how you do it cowboy style. If you live in a farm, you can try this one. If the cows belong to the neighbour, be sure he is not around.

4. Extreme RC Adventure

Taking RC car adventure to a whole different level. This Canadian RC drivers are amazing! If you like getting your RC car real dirty, literally, this is how they do it in Canada.

5. RC Kid Police

This is a video you want your kids to watch. No need to teach them any lesson here. Just let them enjoy the video.

Hope you enjoy our blog post today! If you have any comment, suggestions and questions, leave them below.